CAHA/ACHA Criteria for Membership

Canadian Adapted Hockey Alliance/Alliance Canadienne de Hockey Adapté

•Membership into CAHA/ACHA shall be granted to adapted hockey teams within Canada on the following basis:

1. All CAHA/ACHA teams within Canada must be fully insured including year-round coverage of all players, volunteers, and leadership team members. Insurance must be through the team’s local branch of Hockey Canada or another recognized insurance provider.

2. All CAHA/ACHA teams must register their players, coaches, volunteers, and board or
operations team members with their local Hockey Canada branch or with their insurance provider.

3. All CAHA/ACHA teams must agree to adhere to the CAHA/ACHA Constitution, By-Laws, Rules & Regulations, Structure and Game/Tournament format.

4. All CAHA/ACHA teams must agree that CAHA/ACHA teams are for those individuals with cognitive and/or physical disabilities that would prevent them from being able to play on any other team. It is at the discretion of each team to determine the eligibility of their players according to this standard.

5. CAHA/ACHA players will not play on any other team at the same time as playing on an CAHA/ACHA team. If players become able to play “regular” hockey, we will celebrate with them and wish them well as they move on to their new non-CAHA/ACHA team. If such players wish to return to their former CAHA/ACHA team, they may do so at the discretion of the team’s board of directors/operations team in cooperation with the head coach(es) provided that they have vacated the roster and given notice to their “regular” hockey team and that there is room for them on the CAHA/ACHA team roster.

6. CAHA/ACHA players may not transfer from one CAHA/ACHA team to another without the express consent and acceptance (by both the former team and the new team) of a completed “CAHA/ACHA Team Transfer Request form.”

7. Newly formed teams may apply for membership in CAHA/ACHA using the CAHA/ACHA Membership Application Form. New teams must conform to protocols in place to protect current member teams.

8. All CAHA/ACHA teams shall pay an annual Membership fee as determined by the CAHA/ACHA Board of Directors in June (or whenever new teams are successfully accepted into membership). The fee will cover each teams’ membership for the term of one year. This fee will pay for the cost of CAHA/ACHA Directors insurance (if additional coverage is required), website and social media fees and campaigns, and potentially could be used to help support new teams under financial strain in their first two years. Funds may also be used to pay for an annual audit and any other bookkeeping expenses as determined by the Treasurer and the Board of Directors.

9. All CAHA/ACHA teams’ Boards of Directors/Operations Teams members, Head Coaches, and Volunteers ages 16 yrs and older will have current Vulnerable Persons Police Checks. These will be verified by each team’s Volunteer Coordinator.

10. All CAHA/ACHA teams’ Boards of Directors/Operations Teams members will sign and keep on file the CAHA/ACHA Board of Directors/Operations Team Code of Conduct.

11. CAHA/ACHA teams will have access to various templates for documents such as Player Code of Conduct, Independent Player Code of Conduct, Parent/Guardian Code of Conduct, etc. to be used at the discretion of the member team.

If your team would like to apply for membership in the CAHA/ACHA, please use the application form located here.

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