CAHA/ACHA – we’re only as good as our foundation!

We’ve probably all heard the old saying, ” You’re only as good as your foundation” and that is really true. Any person, group or even organization can only function with growth and success if the right building blocks are what’s underneath it all. In the case of CAHA/ACHA, our foundation is built on our fundamental conviction that adapted hockey must be as inclusive as it possibly can be, that hockey truly is for everyone, and that our teams can play a holistic part in the development of our athletes physically, mentally, socially, recreationally, and even spiritually.

So, we know what’s underneath CAHA/ACHA…but how did it get there?

In the Spring of 2018, 5 people, with the blessing of their respective hockey organizations, who also agreed that the heart of any special/adapted hockey league must be as inclusive as possible, came together to begin forming the structure of the Canadian Adapted Hockey Alliance/Alliance Canadienne de Hockey Adapté.

Those 5 people are:

  • Paul Saunders, The Blades
  • Cam Linwood, The Cambridge Ice Hounds
  • Jim Murphy, founding Director and former Board Member of SHI
  • Jim Perkins, The Capital City Condors
  • Shana Perkins, The Capital City Condors

CAHA/ACHA invites any team that wishes to keep adapted hockey inclusive, safe, and fun to contact us with any questions or for more information

There’s another saying we heard that really fits our organization too and it goes like this: “A strong foundation is the key to change.” We like this adage a lot, because we look forward to and embrace the process of learning and growing and adapting as we build. Come, be a part of building this new initiative, lay a brick or two in its foundational structure, embrace change and welcome adaptation!


#chooseinclusion #hockeyisforeveryone #adaptedhockeyrocks

Check our membership application here: CAHA/ACHA Membership Application

or learn about the folks overseeing the build here: CAHA/ACHA Board of Directors