CAHA/ACHA Documents

CAHA/ACHA is very proud of the work that has already been done since our beginnings in early 2018! We have created and ratified our Constitution and By-Laws as well as having created foundational and operational guidelines and policies for existing and new member clubs.

Here is our official CAHA-ACHA Constitution

Here are our CAHA ByLaws

We also have ratified the following documents, operational guidelines and policies:

•Criteria for Membership and Membership application form

•Incident Report

•Return to Play Policy

•Indepedent Player Code of Conduct

•Dependent Player Code of Conduct

•Infractions Guidelines Document

•Rules of Play and Organizational Structure

•Team Transfer Request form

•Volunteer Code of Conduct

•CAHA/ACHA Board of Directors Code of Conduct

•Team Board of Directors/Operations Team Code of Conduct

•Medical Information Sheet

•Player Registration Form template

We are excited about helping existing teams in their commitment to inclusion and are equally eager to help support newly forming teams by offering them a “handbook” born out of the experience of our current inclusive membership.

Whether you are a long-time inclusive team or a brand new inclusive team, we want to help and support you in any way that we can! What can we do for you? Let us know, we’re happy to help ensure that adapted hockey really is for everyone!